Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Everyone has heard of Google. Albertans use it every single day as they search for the best restaurants, how-to-do anything, and even begin looking for a home. Search Engine Optimization is the art and science of teaching Google that your website is a great resource for Albertans searching for home builders.

When consumers search online, it’s unusual for them to ever get past the first page of Google. That means being on the first page — and preferably in the top positions — is imperative to your business’s success. At Source Digital, we understand the many different ingredients that Google looks for when deciding whether or not a website is a thought-leader in their industry and a valuable resource for searchers. Neglecting any one ingredient can damage your search strategy, which is why our team promotes a holistic solution that includes article creation, being present in social media, and more.

We’ve been helping Calgary businesses make their website more appealing to Google for 15 years, so you won’t find hyperbolic promises like lightning-fast-results-for-cheap here. Search engine optimization is a slow and steady race for the top. It can take several months to start seeing the results you want, and we understand it can be hard to have patience when other marketers are promising you’ll be on the front page next week for $99. But sticking to Google’s best practices is important if you want that front page position to stick. At Source Digital, we can guarantee that your website will start getting more traffic — slowly, so that Google won’t banish you for using outdated, frowned-upon practices.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, you can do things fast or you can do them right. Source Digital recommends complementing SEO’s tortoise approach with the pay-per-click advertising hare.

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