Marketing Websites & Microsites

Marketing Websites & Microsites

So you have a strong social strategy, and you’ve formed a real connection with your audience. You’ve crafted relevant text ads, and you can see that Albertans are clicking through to your website. The homes you build are top-quality, and everyone who’s purchased one adores their house down to the weather stripping. So why isn’t anyone staying on your website or contacting you?

Your website may be the problem.

Today, more Albertans than ever are searching and browsing the web on their phones. This means that websites that aren’t built to smoothly transition onto a smartphone are going to lose a ton of traffic. When searching on their desktop, consumers still have high expectations for websites. A marketing website that looks old and feels clunky will have Albertans searching for their future home somewhere else.

At Source Digital, we design and build custom, cutting edge marketing websites. With sleek designs, killer creative content, and convenient calls to action, your customers won’t have any reason to take their search somewhere else. Contact us today! 

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