LiveChat & Reputation+

LiveChat & Reputation+

Our Budgies aren’t literal feathered friends, but the team behind Budgies.Online is just as social and friendly as their colourful counterparts. Live chat was invented when marketers realized that potential customers would rather find the information they want on your website right now rather than continuing to look elsewhere. Our operators invite your customers to chat within seconds of them landing on your website. That way your customers have every opportunity to engage with our team and find the answers they want in their moment of need.

Beyond live chat, our Budgies also offer a service called Reputation+. You collect the contact information from your clients, and our experienced team calls your happy customers and leads them through a short survey. After confirming that your customer had a great experience, your operator will invite the customer to leave a Facebook or Google review online. This grows your business’s online reviews with real testimonials from real, happy customers. Now that’s a real good reputation!

Contact us today to learn more about how live chat and Reputation+ help you build trust with new customers who are only just beginning their home buying journey. Contact us today. 

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