Inbound Marketing

Digital marketing isn’t new, and everyone is getting tired of jumping from gimmick to gimmick. Fortunately, some inbound marketing tools have risen to the top and have reliably demonstrated their ability to bring leads to businesses for years. At Source Digital, we don’t get distracted by every shiny, new technology that’s supposedly going to revolutionize the marketing world. Instead, you’ll find marketing specialists who have expertly utilized search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, killer creative content, and more since these tools existed. We know the goal of inbound marketing is to get home buyers to your website, and that’s exactly what we do.

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Marketing Automation

The first time a lead lands on your website, they’re probably not ready to buy a home. Purchasing a house is a multi-step process that starts with research and ends with an accepted offer. Marketing automation is about understanding where in the process each website visitor is at and tailoring their experience to help guide them to the next step. Your inbound marketing plan is what gets home buyers to your website, and marketing automation is what keeps them coming back until they make a purchasing decision.

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Advertising Agency

Bus benches and television advertisements are great, but you can’t guarantee that your ads are getting in front of the right audience at the right time. Google Adwords changes that. The Google Certified team at Source Digital crafts text ads that are presented to home buyers precisely when they’re searching for your services. Everyone talks about not clicking ads, but Google didn’t become the most successful business in the world for nothing. A customer searches on Google for a home builder in their area, they read a well-crafted and relevant ad, and they click through to your website. It just works.

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Social Media

People prefer to do business with people. We naturally come together to build communities and share information. Social media is your business’s opportunity to be at the centre of the conversation. Share the journey of building homes, create a connection to your team, deliver useful information. Social media is all about showing off your expertise and personality while demonstrating to your friends and followers that you are an industry leader who has the answers they need

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Source Digital is a strategic alliance between
Source Media Group and CAYK Marketing Inc.


Our History

You’re not here to learn about how many decades our team has been helping businesses across North America, from Calgary, AB to Phoenix, AZ. It doesn’t matter that our founder has been developing websites since before the Internet became an integral part of everyone’s lives. Nor should you particularly care that we’ve worked with thousands of businesses and connected them with their buyers. What’s important is that you’re here because you need home buyers to find your website and purchase their new house from you. We’re here to make it happen.

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