Let me guess — you don’t click ads. And if you ask your friends or family members, they don’t click ads either. So, what is the big deal with Pay-Per-Click Advertising? 

Everyone we talk to has a story or convoluted method for how they effectively avoid all pay-per-click advertising ads and never click on them. But here are the facts:

  1. Google is the second most profitable company in the entire world. As of 2017, they’re valued at over 100 billion dollars, and they employ over 60,000 people. (reference)
  2. Google makes the vast majority of its money through advertisement.
  3. Businesses, like yours, don’t pay to advertise on Google unless someone clicks on your ads.
  4. Therefore everyone is clicking on ads — even you.

This disconnect between the reality that everyone is clicking on ads all the time and our assumption that we don’t click on ads ever comes from an easy mistake — nobody ever clicks on irrelevant ads. Of course, you don’t click on a shiny, blinking advertisement that’s selling strobe lights when you’re researching mortgages! Why would you? But when we do a quick Google search for the best local hardware store, most of us click the first link Google gives us. Nine times out of ten, that first link is an ad. Our Google Adwords certified team can help make sure your text ad is that first link. Contact us today.

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