Many Calgary businesses have a solid lead generation plan. Their inbound marketing strategy is sufficient, and they have effectively begun to funnel leads to their website from Facebook, Google, and elsewhere. However, Marketing Automation can make your inbound marketing, even better. 

Marketing Automation works by bringing the focus off of just generating leads onto ensuring those leads have a great landing experience on your website and can easily find the information relevant to them.

Marketing initiatives, like downloading a free white paper or signing up for your newsletter, demonstrate where in the home buying process a lead is currently sitting. We use the information we gather to nurture your lead and create an optimal experience for guiding them from the research mindset into the purchasing mindset.

Buying a home isn’t an impulsive decision. A house represents more than a place to live — it’s a lifestyle, and Albertans are going to take their time deciding which home and lifestyle they want to live in. There are many important steps before submitting an offer, and Marketing Automation helps lead potential buyers through the process by giving them the information most useful to them in that moment.

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